Monday, November 29, 2010

The Price is Right..

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Last night I was watching the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" with my gurlfriend (I know), and realized if I would ever do a reality show. Would I want cameras following me, my family, my coworkers and my friends, 24 hours a day, just for entertainment of people I don't know????? The question came to my mind: What is my price???

We all have done things and then later looked backed and said " I shouldn't have done that". The RHOA was shot in Atlanta the first part of the year and ended this summer. The cast is not at home watching along with everyone else. Based on what I have seen over the past few months, I know that some are shaking their heads, some have mouths dropped at the antics that are being shown, and I definitely know some of the cast refuses to watch any of the episodes, based on how their lives were portrayed.

There is a local newspaper writer that gives the highlights of the show each Monday morning and you get to blog comments on what you thought about the show. I have never made a comment because I am in such awe of what other's have to say.

I myself don't think that my life is so exciting and edge of the seat intense, that a show would be offered to me. Even though some of my friends think I should have one. So I ask this why me question: What would be the right price for you to sell your soul to television. Come on, don't be shy, admit it or not, we all have a price when it comes to something.

Why me folks? Why not?


Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving????

Good Morning,

I was having breakfast with my girlfriend yesterday and she stated to me that she was having a bit of a conflict within her family. She is married and expecting her first child due December. Her family lives about 3 hours away and would like for her to spend Thanksgiving with her. Her husband would rather stay at home and enjoy dinner with just her. She doesn't know what to do.

I have another friend that is still mourning the passing of her mother. She passed last year the day after Thanksgiving. She was going to celebrate with her family, but has decided to forgo the entire holiday weekend. Her sister is not happy with that choice.

Another friend would like for me to come home, my family also, since I haven't been home in awhile. I have offered to make dinner at my home instead.

In each one of these situations, someone is trying to please everyone.... I can truly understand why the holiday season is depressing and also stressful.

It's a time of giving thanks for what we have, where we are, and all that God has blessed us through. When do we forget the thankfulness and began the selfishness????

This holiday season, let's stop with the take, take, take, me, me, me and began to go back to the days when family came together as a sign of love and not of obligation!!!!!

Why me question??? Are you celebrating the season for the right reason??? Let's remember that we don't choose our family, but do choose how we treat them.

Keep those that have no family and those that have no homes in your prayers this season!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!!!

Why me? Why not?


Monday, November 15, 2010

When is Enough Enough??!!!

Early Nov. 7, 18-year-old Bobby Tillman of Douglasville was beaten and stomped to death after a party. Four suspects have been arrested and charged with Tillman's death. -AJC

Dequavious Stephon Mapp, 18, was one of three teenagers shot after the party about a mile from his home. The Rockdale County High School senior died at Atlanta Medical Center.-AJC

Two young men, like many others their age cut down in life before it even began for them. These two headlines appeared in the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper) this morning, and it began to make me question the safety of my son and am I doing all I need to do to protect him.

I took my son shopping yesterday and spent the day just hanging with him. We had breakfast, watched TV and then I guess our time was over when he asked if he could go to a friends house. Once he left, I began to wonder of all the "bad" things that could happen to him going from our home, down the sidewalk to his friend's home a few houses away. Let's face it, the young men above were only a mile or so from their homes at a party......

I use to didn't worry about my son, why I can't say. His sister was the one I lost sleep over...still do!!!:o, but lately he is constantly on my mind. Whether he's in my sight or not, I keep him uplifted in prayer. I don't know the agony or pain these two mothers (and sooo many more) are feeling, nor do I want that burden placed on me. Death of a child, any child, is horrific and we shouldn't live in a society where now it's common place.

The local law enforcement have been very diligent in their search for suspects, with success. The media is determined to get the word out about how this effects our communities and what we can do to put an end to such senseless violence on the lives of our teenagers. But is this a futile attempt to put a band-aid on a much bigger problem????? What is the real reason behind the actions of our teenagers??? What as parents are we missing???? Why now???

I really want to know!!! I have listened to the media, my friends and family. I have also questioned my own children for their answers and it still puzzles me why we don't cherish the life of others, as well as our own. In the two stories above, not only did we lose two bright young men to death, but we also lose the lives of the alleged suspects to being locked away for a long time. Working in law enforcement, I see men like this that get incarcerated at a young age and whatever hope they had to being someone, is lost. It's not fair to them, nor fair to society. We could have lost the next doctor to find the cure for the common cold, the next civil rights activist that will bring peace among all races, or the next father that is there to lead his children in the right direction.

My son is smart, precious, loving, caring and enjoys chicken nuggets and McCafe Mocha frappes'....he's my everything!!! To have his life taken in vain or have him take a life in vain would literally kill me and I want to be the type of parent to say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! I won't let my son or his friends or anyone that surrounds him be a statistic. I won't let him live his life like he has no purpose, no dreams, no future. My son is not being raised with a father in the home and that's ok. I do my best to surround him with positive friends, family and great male role models and mentors.

My why me folks question: As an adult, as a parent, what are you doing to make the young men in your life feel worthy, feel secure, feel hopeful, feel loved??? Take the time to stop, ask questions and above all else listen to them. They do have something to say.

To the families of those that have lost a young man to a violent death, my heart goes out to you!!!!

Why me folks? Why not?


Monday, November 8, 2010

For Colored Girls....Only???

I want to send a huuuggggeeee shout out to Ms. Ntozake Shange and Tyler Perry for the movie "For Colored Girls". I saw this on yesterday with my gurls and loved every minute of the movie. I could relate personally with each women in the film. For those that have not seen it, I won't spoil it for you, just please if you don't see any other movie this year, please please see this one.

I was very surprised on yesterday to see my sisters of the other persuasion along with a few guys (black and white) in the theater. I shouldn't be, because I feel the movie concentrated on "colored" women, but was meant for all women. We all have gone through the issues in this movie. I say this because I know of women in my circle, white, asian and hispanic that have had these "crosses" to bear.

Tyler Perry did an excellent job in this movie of bringing issues that we deal with on a daily, I mean everyday basis. If you see this movie, and cannot relate to what these women went through, you have not truly lived or you are just not being honest with yourself. Each scene touched something in me that I wanted to look away at times but couldn't. I yelled at the screen several times. One of my friends was sooo mad, she walked out. She returned a few minutes later with the biggest popcorn and drink (Coke Zero), candy that the concession stand

After returning home from the movie, I watched "Black Girls Rock" on BET. It was very good (for BET). That's another blog at another time. :) This program highlighted not just female celebrities making a difference, but females in the military, entrepreneurs, and even young everyday female teenagers. It showed that there are still black female that care, that motivate, that endure when others say they can't, they push the envelope farther and better than anyone ever thought possible. It was very positive and showcased the great talents that we as black girls have.

Yesterday was an enpowering day for me from beginning to end. "For Colored Girls" showed me that even when faced with nothing but hell on all sides, there is a rainbow in the end. Just have to hold on and continue to look up and forward. "Black Girls Rock", solidified what I already new about my gurls!! We are fierce, determined, dedicated, loving, caring, supportive and can still be a diva through out the process. (Kudos to Kim Whitley for her hair monologue!!!)

My why me folks question? Why am I here, what is my purpose? Am I being a Colored/Black Girl that Rocks? Of course I am!!!! Ask any of my girls that know me. I love life and even through the hell, heartache, heartbreak, trials, tribulations, ups, downs and sideways, I am still here. I will be here long after I find my rainbow, because that's how I was raised. Trials and tribulations come and in God keeps me going and going and going.

Through it all, have you been to hell and back???? Have you found your rainbow or are you still searching??? You are definitely a _____ girl that rocks!!!!! You have to be if I know

Why me folks?? Why not???


Monday, November 1, 2010

The Power of Voting....

Good Morning Everyone,

I almost forgot to post this morning. My weekend was hectic and this fasting isn't helping. Today is day #9 and I have fallen off the wagon twice. That's okay, we fall down, we get back up. It's in our nature. So I press on. I am beginning to understand why people fast and why it is so effective in our lives. I have known my purpose in life for awhile and with fasting it is becoming clearer on the steps I need to take to fulfill my purpose.

On tomorrow, the nation is asked to go to the polls and vote. It really doesn't matter who you vote for, just vote.... Really??? I have heard this for the past few months from several of my close associates. I truly believe that when we go to the polls, we need to vote responsibly. We need to cast our ballots for the one candidate that will get a majority of what we need accomplished. We are never going to agree when it comes to politics. When we vote with a purpose, it says that we care about what is going on in our society and we do have a voice.

I did early voting to beat the crowds and because it was convenient. This year, I voted with my 19 year old daughter. I was very proud to pass this on to her. I was amazed at how much she did know about the candidates.

My why me folks question: Why me folks, why should I vote??? I vote because someone died for the right and I don't want their death or their cause to be in vain. I vote because my mother did and she was passionate about her right to vote and encouraged all she knew to have a voice. I vote because if I want change to come, it starts with me. If I don't get involved, then I have nothing to say about what happens to me, my family, my community, my nation.

Why do you vote? Why don't you vote?

Why me folks?? Why not??