Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Morning,

This weekend was restful and rainy. I was going to write about Bishop Eddie Long, but why??? There is enough information out there for everyone to form their opinion about the situation. Moving on.

Yesterday at church (The Greater Piney Grove Baptist), Atlanta. Pastor Walker spoke from Acts 4:1-20. His subject: What if you couldn't call the name of Jesus. That statement in itself is soooo powerful, I am sure several sermons could be developed on this sentence alone. I was moved and it make me really think.

What if I couldn't call the name of Jesus?????????

I grew up in SC in a Baptist Church (Chalk Hill Baptist), Wagener SC. We went to church morning, noon and night. All members of my family were active in the church. From the pulpit to the choirs, music, ushering, deacons, deaconess...etc.... All I new growing up was that Jesus died for my sins, all my sins. In turn, I was to be faithful, honest, true and respectful of the word of the God and the Bible.

Not being able to say the name of Jesus??? Unheard of in my mind. I have a strong faith in God and when the going gets tough, Jesus is all I know to call on. I know we have all hear don't put your trust in Man but Jesus. With all that we go thru on a daily basis, if we couldn't call on the name of Jesus, what would we do. I don't know of any other name to call on. Sickness, financial strain, backstabbing....Jesus is who I call on. Happiness, thankfulness, faith...Jesus is who I call on.

Who do you call on????

Thanks Pastor Walker for that word.


  1. I feel that. Born and raised in the South. That's just a part of who I am. Jesus.

  2. So very true. I am so THANKFUL that I know Jesus and I feel so sad for those who do not.