Thursday, April 28, 2011

OMG!!!! I've been unfriended on Facebook.....

A few weeks ago a co-worker of mine was unfriended on Facebook by a high school friend of hers. This really upset her. So much that she called the "unfriend" and had a 30 minute conversation as to why she did it and why she should "refriend" her. Really!!!!???? Talking with her she explained that she didn't know what she did and after the talk, she felt much better. She never was "refriended".

Last week, I was unfriended on Facebook by a childhood friend of mine. I told my co-worker and she asked what was I gonna do. I said nothing, and she was shocked. Her response was "Why??" Aren't you at least curious or concerned why it happened??? My response to her was "Hmmm...not really". Just thinking about that made me write this blog.

Is it really heartbreaking and just life altering to be unfriended on Facebook??? I guess for some it is. For me, I have learned in my 42 years of living that friends, good, bad or whatever the meaning come and go. I haven't lost a friendship that I have regretted.... ever. Either I dropped them for a damn good reason or they dropped me for their reason. What I can say is when one goes, another one comes along better than the first.

My advice to my co-worker and to others that have been unfriended on Facebook.....SO WHAT!!! Let it go...Trust me it's not that serious. Accept the unfriending and move on!!! Someone better will come along. If not, embrace the remaining friends you have.

As for me, I am my own best friend.

Why me question? Define a friend

Why me?? Why not???


Why is who I sleep with any of your business???

Recently, Barbara Walters interviewed Sir Elton John and his partner regarding their new baby. Later that week, a local radio station posted the question: Can gay/lesbian parents raise a straight child.

I found this to be very appalling. Why is this news worth??? Why do we as a society care if a gay/lesbian couple have a child, or even adopt a child???? Is this suppose to be just morally wrong because of their sexual preference??? It seems we concentrate more on the sexual preference of the couple rather than just two loving people wanting to have children.

What about asking the questions can a heterosexual couple raise a straight child??? Can they raise a child that doesn't turn out to be a criminal??? Can they raise a child with a disability???

We as a society need to stop focusing on who's sleeping with who, because that's what it actually boils down to. It's not the parenting of a child, which is a valid concern, it's who's the parent and their sexual lifestyle.

Gimme a break!!!

Why me folks question??? It this really an issue because of a real concern or because the media makes it a concern????

Why me?? Why not?


Monday, April 18, 2011

Are today's women too much for yesterday's men??

Yesterday I was speaking with two guy friends of mine. One is married, one is single and dating. In the midst of our conversation about dating, my married friend says that if he was single in today's society, he wouldn't make it. He couldn't even try and date the women of today. I was shocked to hear him say that. I didn't know what he meant by his comment. He went on to say that women are nothing like when he was in his 20's and 30's. It's not even about them being independent, he can deal with that. It's the demands and criteria.

I also have a married girlfriend that made the same comment a few weeks ago. She also stated that it's more of a business to date someone, than just out to have fun and see where the relationship may leave.

Why me folks question? Are we as women really that hard on men???

I myself don't think so. I enjoy going out and meeting new people. I enjoy that men and women have certain standards. Everyone is not going to like them, but then again, they aren't meant for everyone.

As the years of dating progress, so do the standards. What is good for one, may not be good for another. We just have to continue meeting new and exciting people until the "ONE" meets us.

So here's my advice to all of those that are dating in 2011: Suck it up!!!! Either you're gonna get and stay in the dating race and find true love that will last until you take your last breath or you're gonna let the dating world pass you by and remain alone with your (no offense to cat lovers).

Why me? Why not??


Friday, April 15, 2011

Are you a help or a nuance???

For several months I have tried to assist family members in bettering their situations. Whether it be personal, financial, spiritual, socially or mentally, I cannot seen to get through.

Why me question? How do you help someone that doesn't think they need help?????

I never want to see a family member live below their potential. I also don't ever want them to say they never accomplished anything because no one helped them. I have been told that I am bossy and if things don't go my way, I get bossier. I agree to some degree. If you ask for my help, and I assist you, then ask if you have completed the task and you say "I'm getting to it", that's not nagging you, it's simply, in my opinion, holding you to your word and keeping you responsible for your actions.

I have several family members that I know can do and need to do better than they are. My friends say that I have too high of an expectation. I don't agree. Especially when the family member is young. This is the perfect time for them to start correcting any mistakes they are making in order not to drag the mistakes into their adult lives (baggage!!!!).

Am I really helping the situation by staying on them or being a nuance by checking them when they began, again in my opinion, slacking off.

Example, my 16 year old nephew wants a job. He really needs a job. He does not extra curricular activities and his grades aren't the best. He came to me for help. I gave him several leads, even sent him to work with my daughter. Did he follow the leads....NO! Did he get up to go to work with my daughter....NO! Then he ask why I won't give him money.... I thought I was going beyond my call of duty by assisting him in getting a job. Like so many other young people, he expects a hand out. Why????????????

This is getting long and I have so many other examples about my family, as I am sure you have some about your own.

All I can say is I am here when needed!!!

Why me? Why not??


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

I am taking this week off to enjoy my freedom from the kids.

You should take a break also.

Blog ya next week.