Friday, April 15, 2011

Are you a help or a nuance???

For several months I have tried to assist family members in bettering their situations. Whether it be personal, financial, spiritual, socially or mentally, I cannot seen to get through.

Why me question? How do you help someone that doesn't think they need help?????

I never want to see a family member live below their potential. I also don't ever want them to say they never accomplished anything because no one helped them. I have been told that I am bossy and if things don't go my way, I get bossier. I agree to some degree. If you ask for my help, and I assist you, then ask if you have completed the task and you say "I'm getting to it", that's not nagging you, it's simply, in my opinion, holding you to your word and keeping you responsible for your actions.

I have several family members that I know can do and need to do better than they are. My friends say that I have too high of an expectation. I don't agree. Especially when the family member is young. This is the perfect time for them to start correcting any mistakes they are making in order not to drag the mistakes into their adult lives (baggage!!!!).

Am I really helping the situation by staying on them or being a nuance by checking them when they began, again in my opinion, slacking off.

Example, my 16 year old nephew wants a job. He really needs a job. He does not extra curricular activities and his grades aren't the best. He came to me for help. I gave him several leads, even sent him to work with my daughter. Did he follow the leads....NO! Did he get up to go to work with my daughter....NO! Then he ask why I won't give him money.... I thought I was going beyond my call of duty by assisting him in getting a job. Like so many other young people, he expects a hand out. Why????????????

This is getting long and I have so many other examples about my family, as I am sure you have some about your own.

All I can say is I am here when needed!!!

Why me? Why not??


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