Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad hair day........

Good Morning,

This weekend was just horrible. I haven't had a weekend like this in awhile, so I guess it was time. Let's see, it rained, and rained and rained. That in itself was enough to make my weekend dreary.

I am not one to be in the rain for any reason, but I braved it to go out to dinner with two of my closest friends. I hadn't seen them in awhile and I didn't want to reschedule again. So for friendship, I braved the rain. This is when the bad hair came in. For those of you that know me, I try to keep my DIVA style in check at all times. Never know when a camera is I decided to get a new do. I went shopping with my best gal pal and we chose a gorgeous hair piece by the name of "Mariah". She looked more like Sasha Fierce, so that's what I'm calling her.

I went to have my hair done and was told I couldn't because I didn't purchase "Mariah" at that store. I had to purchase a new do, Ms. "Tori". Now Ms. "Tori" is cute, but she looks like concert, party and old DIVA hair. I hated her... at first. I had to wear her out in the rain, which made me hate her even more. I cried to my friends and my daughter. Sent pictures of how she looked and no one understood my pain. They thought she was cute. After a few flat iron tricks, me and Ms. "Tori" became friends. She's not Sasha Fierce, but she will do.

Why me question: Have you ever had a bad hair day??? I don't mean when your hair is not done. I mean when you have an idea in your head of how you want your hair to be and then it turns out completely the opposite and you can't do a thang about it??? That kind of bad hair day. Or when you see a style you like and ask someone if they can duplicate it and they say yes. Then once they are finished, it looks nothing like what you pictured???

Today is a better day!!! I am feeling much better and Ms. Tori is doing her thang, so my co-workers and friends tell me. Thanks Ladies, you always know how to put a smile on my face.

I may have Ms. Tori on for a few more weeks, then Sasha Fierce will make her grand entrance.

Why me?? Why not??


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  1. Yes I have had a day like that...recently as a matter of fact! I hate it because every time I looked at my head I got