Monday, March 7, 2011

Pet Peeve #2 Whining, Bi*ching, Moaning!!

Good Morning,

Why me folks question? Why do I always seem to attract people that feel I am their psychologist???

I have an associate that believes he is the end all to be all when it comes to intelligence, education and women. He has all the answers to the questions before you ask them. If your opinion or comment is different than his, you are wrong are basically uneducated on the issue. Know anyone like that??? I bet you can name a few.

Here's my pet peeve: Why do you have such big ideas of what you're going to do and always state how you're going to do them and how it's gonna benefit you in the long run, but (wait for it), you never do anything. You are a bunch of talk. (sound familiar). I can not stand someone like that, nor have any respect for what you are saying.

I truly believe that we all have a purpose and we are have expectations. When we don't act on them, is when we begin to lose our blessing that God has for us. Why talk, talk, talk and not do anything. Not one thing. Straight procrastinating.

Here's where the whining, bi*ching and moaning come in. You talk a great game, do nothing to act upon it, then whine, bi*ch, and moan when nothing goes your way. Let's give an example:

You have been saying you're gonna start your own business for the past 2 years, but have once to take the first step in getting your business started. Then have the nerve to whine and moan about how bad your job is and you can't wait when you don't have to work for anyone else. Really?????

You come to me talking about the job and what you're gonna do when you own your own business. I listen, then ask what are you waiting for?? You begin to run off a list of reasons (excuses in my opinion) as to why you haven't started. Uggghh!!!
Just do it already!!!!

Why me?? Why not??


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  1. OMG!!!...I have a friend like that...she goes on and on and on about what she's going to do and never does anything...I mean I look like I want to hear about empty dreams??...LOL!!