Monday, March 21, 2011

Truth tellers

I have a very good gurlfriend (yes I know the word is misspelled), that has taught me a lot about being true to myself over the years. She has taken the time to know me, I mean everything about me and is not afraid to correct me when I am wrong and to tell me the truth, no matter what the outcome. That's her definition of a "truth teller". She believes that everyone should have one.

Her definition of truth teller is a true friend that no matter what tells you the truth. They tell you about a terrible outfit (very important), bad hair style, pissy attitude, even a booger in your nose (that everyone has seen), etc.... but most importantly they love you thru it all.

I have noticed that as we get older, our circle of friends began to decrease. I take this as we begin to understand we need more truth tellers and less fakes in our lives. We need to be surrounded by positive people that hold us up and keep us humble. People that take us for all that we all and don't mind keeping us in line. People that aren't so sensitive when we become their truth tellers.

Why me question? Have you realized that comments you make now to certain people are so sensitive to them, that a argument ensues??? Even over the simplest things???? When did that begin.

Over the past few weeks, I have been a truth teller to some of my good friends. They know me and know that I don't make comments to hurt their feelings, just answering questions that were asked of me honestly and openly. Where is the crime or harm in that??? Stop being so sensitive to matters that don't mean jack when it's comments supposedly made by a friend. It's much easier to just tell your truth teller how you feel and go from there. If you can't hear the truth from a friend, then maybe they aren't your friend. Revisit your definition of a friend.

I love and respect the truth tellers in my life. I have a thick skin and it's take a lot for me to be offended. Thank you for keeping it real. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Why me? Why not?



  1. Now, I try to be a truth teller. But some people are not ready for the truth. How do I know? I made that assessment based on their personality. Some people are tender-hearted and just can’t handle truth. Some people think they are right all the time and surely I don’t know what I'm talking about because I don’t agree with them or that I'm insensitive because my opinion isn’t sugar-coated. But some people are really able to listen to the truth, process the truth and act on the truth.
    You don’t have to be thick-skinned to accept the truth. You just have to realize that the truth teller has your best interests at heart. If you can quickly decide that your friend is an enemy simply because they told the truth or gave a response that you didn’t want to hear, you need to look at YOUR definition of friend because you may not be on the same page as the truth teller friend.
    So if you come to me with your secrets, pains/woes, etc. tell me up front that you need an ear and not a mouth. Then I will put on a mask and listen to you lament while wonder WTH does she/he expect me to do with that. But after you finish, I’ll just say “Oh, wow.” Or something like that and we can just roll merrily along. But please know, I'm not going to be able to listen you lament on the same subject too many times. I'm just not made that way. Pray me up right there.
    Come on ladies, stop being so darn sensitive. Truth tellers are not your enemy. But hey, if you don’t want me to tell you that your breath stinks, that you need to bathe, that your kids need a but whipping, that you need to stop wasting your time with that bottom dwelling man, that you need to change your attitude and all the other stuff we talk about, tell me that you only need an ear. I’ll see if I can find you one on E-Bay.
    And another thing, if you can’t accept the truth from me, why do you think I want to hear it from you?

  2. Liz,
    You are right on point. Your circle of friends really do decrease as you get older. Why? Because through time and experiences, you understand the meaning of true friendship. Sometimes it may appear that others are loved by so many people, but if you only sit back and observe, you will see that some people draw people for certain reasons and most times, those reasons are not genuine.

    Likewise, I love my truth tellers and believe me, the number is very small (and I like it that way).

    Hold true to your truth tellers!!!!!!