Monday, May 9, 2011

You can go home again!!!!

This weekend I had several events to attend in my hometown. I enjoyed myself more than I could ever imagine.

I have never laughed so hard and realized how much I missed my friends and family back home until this weekend.

I enjoyed an old fashioned front yard bbq birthday party, church when the air is not working and making a close friends day by just stopping by unannounced.

I haven't been home in awhile but decided since I was there, I would see as many of my friends and family that I could. Shouts out to my hostess and my ride or die chick for sticking it out with me the entire time. Love you soooooooooo much. She has been with me since diapers. My other diaper buddy could not make the birthday party, but surprised us by being at another friend's house when we made a surprise drive by!!!!!!!!!!!

So no matter what happens, what people say or think about you, you can go home again!!! If you don't have a home you can come and visit mine in Wagener SC. Small community with BIG hearted folks.

My why me folks question? When's the last time you went home and really enjoyed yourself??

Why me? Why not?


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