Monday, November 8, 2010

For Colored Girls....Only???

I want to send a huuuggggeeee shout out to Ms. Ntozake Shange and Tyler Perry for the movie "For Colored Girls". I saw this on yesterday with my gurls and loved every minute of the movie. I could relate personally with each women in the film. For those that have not seen it, I won't spoil it for you, just please if you don't see any other movie this year, please please see this one.

I was very surprised on yesterday to see my sisters of the other persuasion along with a few guys (black and white) in the theater. I shouldn't be, because I feel the movie concentrated on "colored" women, but was meant for all women. We all have gone through the issues in this movie. I say this because I know of women in my circle, white, asian and hispanic that have had these "crosses" to bear.

Tyler Perry did an excellent job in this movie of bringing issues that we deal with on a daily, I mean everyday basis. If you see this movie, and cannot relate to what these women went through, you have not truly lived or you are just not being honest with yourself. Each scene touched something in me that I wanted to look away at times but couldn't. I yelled at the screen several times. One of my friends was sooo mad, she walked out. She returned a few minutes later with the biggest popcorn and drink (Coke Zero), candy that the concession stand

After returning home from the movie, I watched "Black Girls Rock" on BET. It was very good (for BET). That's another blog at another time. :) This program highlighted not just female celebrities making a difference, but females in the military, entrepreneurs, and even young everyday female teenagers. It showed that there are still black female that care, that motivate, that endure when others say they can't, they push the envelope farther and better than anyone ever thought possible. It was very positive and showcased the great talents that we as black girls have.

Yesterday was an enpowering day for me from beginning to end. "For Colored Girls" showed me that even when faced with nothing but hell on all sides, there is a rainbow in the end. Just have to hold on and continue to look up and forward. "Black Girls Rock", solidified what I already new about my gurls!! We are fierce, determined, dedicated, loving, caring, supportive and can still be a diva through out the process. (Kudos to Kim Whitley for her hair monologue!!!)

My why me folks question? Why am I here, what is my purpose? Am I being a Colored/Black Girl that Rocks? Of course I am!!!! Ask any of my girls that know me. I love life and even through the hell, heartache, heartbreak, trials, tribulations, ups, downs and sideways, I am still here. I will be here long after I find my rainbow, because that's how I was raised. Trials and tribulations come and in God keeps me going and going and going.

Through it all, have you been to hell and back???? Have you found your rainbow or are you still searching??? You are definitely a _____ girl that rocks!!!!! You have to be if I know

Why me folks?? Why not???


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  1. Great post girlie! Tracie Johnson saw it and posted great things about it on FB. I love all of you girls from WSH!

    And yes, I have been to hell and back. Not sure if you remember, but I was pregnant (and married) in high school. However, I persevered and got through it. I am a much stronger woman today for it and my daughter is the most amazing, wonderful and beautiful young woman!

    Can't wait to see you at the reunion!