Monday, November 29, 2010

The Price is Right..

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Last night I was watching the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" with my gurlfriend (I know), and realized if I would ever do a reality show. Would I want cameras following me, my family, my coworkers and my friends, 24 hours a day, just for entertainment of people I don't know????? The question came to my mind: What is my price???

We all have done things and then later looked backed and said " I shouldn't have done that". The RHOA was shot in Atlanta the first part of the year and ended this summer. The cast is not at home watching along with everyone else. Based on what I have seen over the past few months, I know that some are shaking their heads, some have mouths dropped at the antics that are being shown, and I definitely know some of the cast refuses to watch any of the episodes, based on how their lives were portrayed.

There is a local newspaper writer that gives the highlights of the show each Monday morning and you get to blog comments on what you thought about the show. I have never made a comment because I am in such awe of what other's have to say.

I myself don't think that my life is so exciting and edge of the seat intense, that a show would be offered to me. Even though some of my friends think I should have one. So I ask this why me question: What would be the right price for you to sell your soul to television. Come on, don't be shy, admit it or not, we all have a price when it comes to something.

Why me folks? Why not?


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