Monday, December 6, 2010

Friends or Acquaintances???

This weekend I visited some of my high school friends for a meeting to discuss our upcoming 25th class reunion. Let's just say the meeting was everything I expected....
It was great seeing faces that I haven't seen since I graduated in 1986 and to get caught up on their lives. I hope and pray everyone will get to come out this summer and celebrate what we have accomplished since our teenage years back in Wagener, SC.

After the meeting I began to think about all the friends I have collected in my 42 years of living and wondered if they were really and truly friends or just acquaintances perpetrating friendship. As we grow older we began to dissect who are really friends and if they truly deserve that title. I hear my children address everyone they know and meet as friends. I continually ask them "Are they really your friends"? How do you determine friendship? Is it the person that lends you money each and every time you ask them, or the person that will tell you really and truly how that outfit makes your butt look???....That's the kind of friend I need and want in my life...a truth teller (thanks Sharon).

Friendship is very important to me. I need someone in my life that loves me for me (my kids & my sisters). I mean every inch of me, inside and out (my kids & my sisters). That can always be honest with me(Zsa, Sharon, Betty, Dee). That keep me near the cross (Penny, Sina, Val). That laughs and cries with me (Dee, Sina, Shae, Penny, Betty, Zsa). That will share a cell with me and post my bond for me (no names necessary, protecting the guilty:). Someone that I know will hold my hand thru it all and when I move on to that Diva Room in the sky will carry my memory to share and write a book about me!!!! Friendship to me is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!

Acquaintances in my opinion are friends in training. They have a period that they need to go through before you can really call them friends. Acquaintances are also friends that have not been really good friends and you keep them around so that they can earn their friendship badges again.

Why me folks question: Which are you? Friend or acquaintance?? Who's your best friend?? Are they really?? Think about it. Call them up and let them know that they are your friend and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Today I say to all my friends and acquaintances, I love you and I hope that I am and will always be a friend to you!!!!

Why me? Why not?



  1. Oooh...I like this alot...I was just thinking about friendships over the weekend and I am very guilty of being quick to call people that aren't really deserving my friend. I think honestly that I have about one really good friend that will be there for me no matter what and she does tell me when she doesn't like what I have and anybody that knows me knows not to question my choice of outfit, but she challenges me anyway!!!...LOL...Brave soul!!

  2. I am both. I am a friend to few, an aquaintance to many. I value my friends greatly. The aquaintances, complex. While I may be a friend to them, they may not be what I need in a friend. Sometimes, the relationship is completely for them. I have come to accept that. And I guess if they make any positive deposits in my life, I can use it for my friends. Friends in training, I'm not sure that I agree with that cause some of them I want to clip and run. At any rate, I think I'm a decent friend but there is so much room for improvement.